The Cordless Drill Battery

A cordless drill has become the essential household tool to own. Here is akku bohrschrauber test to select the right one to add to your collection of cordless tools.

Whether the task you are doing is home building and additions, or home remodeling, or home repair, or furniture building and repair, a cordless drill plays an important role; and if this is powered by a good cordless battery, then you are certain that there is a big difference in how well your projects go.

battery_drill_review-1First, think about what types of jobs you will be doing. If you go online or check at your local hardware store, you will see what a great variety of tools there are. Drills vary by the speeds by which they operate: Lower speeds are for use with heavier materials, higher speeds are for softer materials. If you get a variable speed drill, you will find that it will automatically adjust its speed to the materials you use, so you don’t have to mess with the clutch position.

Drills also vary by voltage, usually from 2 to 24 volts. Lower voltages are for lighter materials and higher voltages are for use with heavier materials. Experts recommend choosing a drill with slightly more voltage than you think you need.

Of course, a cordless drill uses a battery and some batteries last longer than others. Remember you will have to recharge your battery drill, so get one that has two batteries. That way, you can still use the drill while the other battery is charging.

You may think all drills are the same, but if possible, pick up a few before you buy them. You may find you prefer the hand grip on one model rather than on another. Check out the controls to see which seem the easiest to use. Also look at the warranty. If a drill is defective, you will be glad you can return it.


While there are many cordless drill manufacturers, there are two that are known for high-quality equipment: Makita and Ridgid. Both of these companies make highly regarded cordless tools as well as other equipment for household use.

Makita makes an 18-volt, half-inch model designed to be very comfortable to use. It is a variable-speed unit with a shift-lock drive so it is very easy to use. Most Makita models have two batteries. Some of them even have a battery charger that completes its work within 15 minutes.

Ridgid Tool has 1/8- and -inch models that are very powerful. They both have dual battery chargers so you can charge both at the same time. These heavy-duty models are ideal to have on hand.

When using a cordless drill, make sure you read and understand all directions and follow all safety precautions before you use it. Ask for help at your local hardware store if you need it.

Once you have used the cordless drill a few times, you will be delighted with how easy it is to use. You will begin looking for jobs in which you need to drill. You won’t mind attacking that list of chores.
Fortunately, there is a big leap forward in improvement in today’s battery packs compared to what they used to have before, even though the difference in the power and life of the batteries you buy still exists. Aside from that, you also need to consider environmental factors when shopping for cordless drill batteries.

Two cordless drills draw power from a nickel-cadmium kind of battery. Nickel-cadmium batteries are forceful and can be recharged successfully so often that you can used them for an especially long time. There is also no problem of replacing these batteries for there are several nickel-cadmium batteries out there in the market.

Cadmium can seep into the ground from landfills which can lead to contamination of water sources, thereby causing such an alarming environmental risk. People have been advised to recycle or dispose the nickel-cadmium batteries properly, but most of them ignore this warning.

With all these to mind, even if nickel-metal-hydride batteries are way more pricey than nickel-cadmium, it is much practical to buy cordless drills that already contains nickel-metal-hydride sort of battery within, or those drills that have compatibility with this kind of battery. The more purchasers will go for a cordless drill that runs on an environmentally-friendly battery, the more corporations will produce that sort of drill.

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